Pupil’s Task : Speech Contest

As we know, education is the most important thing in the world, but the other side education is the biggest problem in Indonesia and till know, nobody know how to solve it.

Look so ironic when the other nations are competating each other by their technology and knowledges but Indonesia still be the nation who has a lot of citizens but they aren’t educated yet.  Shortly, there are a lot of children in Indonesia who havent school. And yeah, it is about poverty. A high desire to school can be nothing if they have not  enough capital and money. And from this point, actually Government should be serious on their programs to this country about Wajar or Wajib Belajar programs for 9 years. It intended for all children in Indonesia that they have get their rights for education.

Until now, Indonesia is a Developing country and a poor education can be it factor. Just imagine if the education on this country is feasible, absolutely many achievement will be recieved and of course that achievements will bring Indonesia to the better ways. And simply Indonesia will be better if the educational is fixed for the first.

Education is a main capital to determain the future. With becoming an educated men, we could know all over the world and undirectly we brings Indonesia to the better future. So, education is more important than everything.


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